Video of 3 young boys stopped & frisked by 7 police officers right before Christimas sparks fury

A video of three young boys being stopped and frisked by seven police officers before Christmas has sparked outrage across the globe, saying how inappropriate and uncalled for the entire situation was. 

While walking through an area of Southeast, D.C., a couple of days before Christmas, a group of three young children were stopped and frisked by cops. According to Ariel Gory, the concerned citizen who filmed the entire situation, the boys were between the ages of 9 and 12. 

"They were so little, and their bodies are just so small, and their pockets are being dug into. Their little legs are being touched."

Source: Youtube / WUSA9

Source: Youtube / WUSA9

At first, three officers were seen questioning the boys after an elderly man reportedly called the cops saying that they threatened him and pulled out a knife. 

Talking to WUSA9, Gory said that although the situation seemed to be being resolved, four more officers came to the scene and stopped the boys once again to frisk them. 

Source: Youtube / WUSA9

Source: Youtube / WUSA9

"I think that for me, it was really hard to see. They were so little, and their bodies are just so small, and their pockets are being dug into. Their little legs are being touched. I think that it just seemed probably a little bit of a scary moment for them. I felt scared and also sad for them."

After Ariel posted the video on Instagram, people started to slam the police officers for their clear racism and oppression. However, Gory herself said that she doesn't know the entire story of what happened, and she just thought it "seemed excessive."

Meanwhile, there were also a few who supported the cops, saying that they were merely doing their jobs by responding to a call.

“I think that this response maybe, yes, followed the rules that have been set in place for our officers. When asked then what are they supposed to do, I think that it’s not about those individual officers – something that needs to necessarily change – it’s the system in which they exist.”

After everything, the police did not find any weapons on the children, and they were soon after released to their family members with no charges filed. 

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