Man saves and raises bear for 4 years but the "friendship" ended in tragedy

A Russian hunter was killed and eaten by a bear he had raised since it was a cub. Police found the skeletal remains of the man after his family saw the aggressive bear roaming around his property with no signs of the man.

Nature can be unpredictable, and wild animals are always loyal to their instincts. Of course, there have been some cases of lions, bears, tigers and other wild beasts raised by humans that prove animals and humans can be best friends. However, some other cases end in tragedy.

Sergey Grigoriyev, a 41-year-old hunter and father of family, rescued and raised two bear cubs in his property in Ozersk, Chelyabinsk. He gave away one of the cubs but kept the other one and named it Vorchun or Grumbler.

Four years later, the bear was still living with Sergey in a cage on his garden. The animal had already attacked Sergey once, but he decided to ignore the signals. Sadly, what the hunter thought was a mutual friendship, ended in tragedy.

One of the man’s neighbors said he got worried after not hearing from the man for days. So he called the family to see if everything was okay. However, when the family visited Sergey’s home, they saw the bear out of its cage and roaming around the property.

The aggressive bear attacked a dog the family had taken with them, which gave them time to run away to their car and report the incident to the police.

Upon their arrival to the property, police tried to control the animal but ended up shooting the bear to death. “Officers used their service weapons to kill the dangerous animal. As a result of the measures taken, the bear does not pose a threat to citizens' lives and health any longer,” police said in a statement.

They also described the scene they found: the cage was open, the animal was free, and on the plot, they found the skeletal remains of a man. Sergey was eaten to the bone by the bear he raised.

On top of that, the bear also ate one of Sergey’s dogs and the dog of the family.

The Russian Investigative Committee is examining the case.


The news comes after a woman lost her arm at a Christmas party while boasting about feeding a bear on a cage.

The incident took place in an Aidashki guest house in Krasnoyarsk region of Russia, where two grizzly bears are kept on a cage for the visitors’ entertainment and can’t go into hibernation as they should.

On a Christmas party, one of the employees of the guest house was boasting about how she could feed the animal through the bars of its cramped cage when the bear tore off her arms, causing her a significant blood loss and leaving her in a critical state.

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