Michael Douglas showered Catherine Zeta-Jones with compliments and spoke on their 18-year marriage

The 74-year-old veteran actor gushed about his wife in a press conference after being bestowed with a Golden Globe Award in Beverly Hills, California, on Sunday.

Hollywood award shows are always special events, and it is not unusual to see celebrities speak words of appreciation, particularly about their significant others. This was not lost on 74-year-old Michael Douglas, who spoke warmly of his wife, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. 

Speaking at a press room event, Douglas said,

‘Well we celebrated our 18th anniversary recently. And besides a genuine love that only continues to grow, I think the fact that we're in the same industry really helps us understand what's going on.’ 

Hyping up his woman, he continued, 

‘Catherine, by the way, has a wonderful new half-hour comedy show called Queen America that's coming out on Facebook, where she does some very funny stuff.’

And when Douglas went to accept the award up on stage, he could not but, again, pay tribute to his ‘extraordinary wonderful wife’, though he dedicated the award to his father, Kirk Douglas. 

With Catherine Zeta-Jones dressed in a beautiful emerald green gown with a one-shoulder silhouette and a thigh-high slit, standing in Louboutin heels while Douglas was dressed in a classic black tuxedo, the couple was a beautiful sight to behold.

Catherine even took to Instagram to appreciate her husband with the words, ‘So so proud of my hubby’ captioning a video of the award.

During 2018 Christmas, the couple made sure their celebration was one to remember. They went holidaying at an exotic location with their two children Dylan, 18, and Carys, 15. ‘Love to you and yours from us’ was the caption of a picture of the family on a beach with two furry animals, posted on Instagram by Catherine. 

This holiday came not long after Catherine explained her decision to remove her kids from the glare of Hollywood. Speaking in an interview on Entertainment Tonight, Catherine said,

‘They've kind of been removed from the crazy world of Hollywood or even the crazy world of Manhattan. The teenagers here in Manhattan, there's a maturity that comes too quick I think. We've kind of shielded them away, but they're incredibly mature for their tender years. They get it.’

This marriage is one of the very few in Hollywood that has lasted for so long. Kudos to the couple! 

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