Family's unexpected reunion with husky comes 4 years after the dog was stolen

Jan 11, 2019
07:30 A.M.
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Four years after being stolen from its home in North Carolina, a pet Husky was finally returned to the Hart family.


The family lost their dog back in March 2015 when they were all away attending a dance competition near their Holly Springs home. A neighbor later notified them that their front door was broken and their dog, named Nukka, was missing.

They started taking actions to find Nukka and immediately placed missing posters for her all around the town. They also posted about her on social media.


Surprisingly, the missing posters that they put up began to disappear in a mysterious manner. The family could not explain how their signs suddenly started coming down.

Things took an even grimmer turn when they received a letter, without any postmark, in their mailbox, claiming that Nukka was dead and the family should move on.


They had no idea if the message was true or just a hoax. They also could not find Nukka anywhere and the microchip planted on her was never scanned.

So when years passed without a single trace of the dog, the family eventually moved on. One of the oldest siblings in the Hart family, Owen Hart, told ABC 13, “I just prayed she’d come back.”


However, the family updated the information on Nukka’s chip in the hope of getting any lead on her whereabouts.

Then in November, last year, a police officer suddenly knocked on their door and asked them if they had reported a missing dog.

The authorities had found Nukka with a woman, who confessed to having stolen the dog. Nukka was found in a healthy state.


The unidentified woman also confessed to having removed the missing posters that the family placed and also writing the letter to the family that claimed Nukka was dead.

Police informed that family that the woman even tried to put a fake black stripe down the middle of Nukka’s face to disguise her.

The family is rejoiced after reuniting with their dog and have decided to not pursue criminal charges against the woman.


In a similar story, a black Labrador mix named Abby was returned to her family after it went missing for more than 10 years.

They lost the dog after it wandered off while playing with the children in the family outside their Pennsylvania, USA based home.

Giorgi Bereziani is another delighted dog owner who found his dog, Jorge, alive and healthy after it went missing more than three years ago.

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