Toni Braxton reportedly dealing with major financial issues amid split from Birdman

Toni Braxton is in financial debt again. The singer is accountable for nearly half a million dollars worth of back taxes as she starts the new year sans her ex-fiance.

Toni Braxton isn’t having a happy new year. After confirming her split from her fiancé Birdman, she’s now facing nearly half a million in financial debt.  


Two government agencies have filed tax liens against the singer in December and it has now been revealed the liens amount to $465,407.63. 

According to documents obtained by the Blast, Braxton owes the Internal Revenue Service $340,252.99 in back taxes for 2017. The lien was filed on December 4. A few days later, the State of California Franchise Tax Board also claimed the singer owes the institution over $116,154.64. 


This is not the first time Braxton has been slammed with tax issues. Last year, the same institutions filed liens against her for a total of $780,808.29.

Braxton has been financially ridden since 1996 when she first filed for bankruptcy. More than a decade later in 2010, she filed for one again claiming she was over $10 million in debt. The federal court discharged most of her debt in 2014 after she claimed her health problems contributed to her loss of income. Braxton suffers from lupus and was forced to cancel a series of shows in Las Vegas. 


Adding more pain to her already disappointing start of the year, Braxton just recently broke up with her fiancé, Birdman. She seemed to confirm this when she deleted all her photos on her Instagram this week. The rapper, likewise, wrote “It’s over” in a recent post which he also deleted later. The ex-couple who was engaged in February and who’ve been friends for 17 years have unfollowed each other since. 


Despite the setbacks in her financial and love life, Braxton put on a red dress and chose to remain positive in her latest Instagram post, the first of two that are left in her feed. 

“Starting a new chapter isn't always an easy choice...but ALWAYS choose to be chosen. Cheers to a new year,” she wrote to accompany her photo where she looks incredible.  

Toni is fearless it seems. Financial and relationship woes aren’t new to her so she’s bound to get over this and come out even stronger than ever. 

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