January 10, 2019

Sam Elliott wiped away a tear during his emotional speech at imprint ceremony

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Legendary actor Sam Elliott was recently honored by having his own hand and footprint set in stone at TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California.

The special ceremony took place on Monday, January 7, 2019, and was attended by fellow actors Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.

It was a beautiful moment, especially for Elliott, who couldn't help but shed a tear during his speech, after Cooper claimed he was like a brother to him.


According to the 44-year-old director, Elliott 'is one of the most talented, generous, humble actors' he has ever had the pleasure to work with.

Not only that, but Cooper also said that performing alongside the veteran actor was one the highest points of his career and that it was a 'dream fulfilled.'



"Personally, I owe a lot to Sam for the success of this film. Not only because of his brilliant performance but because, if he hadn't agreed to it, honestly, I don't know what I would've done."

Bradley Cooper, Access, January 7, 2018

Cooper ended his speech by saying that he admired Elliot a lot and that the movie legend would still receive plenty of honors throughout the rest of his career.



Upon taking his place on stage, Elliot shared that the movie "A Star Is Born" couldn't have been possible without Cooper and he wouldn't have been honored without the director's help.

Elliott's speech became very emotional when he told Cooper that he loved him, and not even Lady Gaga was able to keep the tears from her eyes.



The trio became very close on set and are now great friends, but Cooper was still in charge of the film. The 44-year-old wanted the movie to match the image in his head and forbid Gaga from using any makeup.

According to the singer, Cooper wanted her character to be more genuine, which was why she couldn't wear any makeup,  something quite hard for Gaga since she usually uses it a lot as part of her on-stage persona.

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