Teen was bullied for her size, but she gets the last laugh when her video goes viral

Jan 14, 2019
10:28 A.M.
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Most people may feel entirely down when they have been bullied but teenage dancer Lizzy Howell decided to use her personal grown to get back at her haters. She is indeed an inspiration to us all.


She is a very talented dancer, but because she is plus sized, she often receives hurtful comments, especially online.

Two years ago a clip of her dancing went viral. As a result of this, she was the victim of cyberbullying. However, in time she realized that she could use her online fame for good.

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Lizzy discovered that he had become a source of inspiration for other women who felt that their body types got in the way of pursuing their dreams because they did not fit stereotypical beauty standards.

She cites dance as her therapy and a way to deal with all of her emotions. She has immense talent and does not let her weight get in the way of achieving her goals.


She recently posted a video of her dancing on her Instagram account with a motivational caption detailing her journey during the past two years. In her caption she wrote:

“I tried to portray my life as all rainbows and sunshine when it wasn’t. 2019 will be a year of learning to be me again, a year where I won’t be afraid to show the hard times of my life, and a year of focusing on my training.”



Two black girls from Indianapolis live in fear of attending school, as they have to deal with racist bullies while they are trying to learn.

Their parents spoke out about the issue as they wish to raise awareness about it. One of the girls’ fathers, Alexander Wortham, said that silence is the worst response to bullying and that schools should not be indifferent to the issue.


The main bully, a male student, was suspended for his behavior but was allowed to return to school a week later. However, the girls fear what will happen when he returns from his suspension.


Two 11-year-old girls from North Dakota, Madissen and Sophia, committed suicide within two months of each other. They referred to each other as ‘girlfriend,’ and it is thought that they took their lives due to bullying.

Both of their parents admitted that they had discussed their daughters’ sexuality with them, but they were unaware that they were being bullied at school because of it.

Despite their tragic loss, the girls’ parents chose to remember the happy memories they have of their daughters, such as Sophia’s love of the outdoors.