President Donald Trump mocked after serving fast food to Clemson Tigers during White House visit

College national champions Clemson Tigers were welcomed to the White House by President Donald Trump with a "bizarre" banquet of fast food, according to people who mocked the President's meal spread.


President Donald Trump was excited about the fact that he was serving an array of fast food to his White House visitors, the Clemson Tigers football team. However, the public was less than impressed. In fact, the president was mocked on Twitter for the bizarre banquet. 


Trump tweeted his excitement at serving this year’s college football champions with all their fast food favorites during their visit to the White House recently. 

“I think we’re going to serve McDonald’s, Wendy’s & Burger King, with some pizza. I would think that’s their favorite food,” the president said of his meal spread for the national champs.

According to the White House, Trump was footing the bill for the menu with the government on shutdown. Clemson visited at a time when many of the White House staff were staying home without paychecks as Trump continues to argue with Congress over government funding. The government has been on shutdown for over three weeks.


Though Trump was proud of his idea of serving “Great American food” on silver platters, many blasted the banquet. 

“This has to go down as one of the most bizarre White House visits of all-time,” CBS Sports writer Barrett Sallee wrote

Twitter was flooded with all sorts of mockery following news of the Clemson feast. 

A video even circulated of one Clemson athlete saying, “I thought it was a joke” when faced with the fast food spread. 

Some considered Trump’s menu an insult to Clemson who should’ve been served steaks instead. 

Nevertheless, the suited up players must have had a pretty good familiar meal. Trump reasoned he didn’t want to postpone their visit until after the shutdown so this is probably what he could manage to welcome the Tigers with. 


The shutdown has become a major concern for the US citizens who have been expressing disappointment over the Congress' failure to approve a new government funding law when the old one expired. Hollywood celebrities have spoken up after feeling let down by the political system. Many of them blame Trump's stand on immigration for the delay. To help government employees who were affected by the shutdown, Jimmy Kimmel even joked on his show that he would invite a federal employee to work on his show every night during the shutdown. Here's a clip from that episode where he did invite an employee to help him out. 

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