Beyoncé and Solange's 8-year-old sister shows off her natural hair in recent pictures

Beyonce and Solange Knowles' half-sister shares some positive vibes as she welcomes the year sporting her natural hair.

Beyonce and Solange Knowles’ half-sister has been making waves on the internet with her talent and young beauty. This year on her Instagram, the 8-year-old named Koi Knowles is putting out positive vibes flaunting her natural hair and declaring “the best is yet to come.”

Koi is the daughter of Beyonce and Solange’s father, Mathew Knowles who first refused to acknowledge her as his child. The result of an affair Mathew had with Taqoya Branscomb while married to Beyonce and Solange’s mother, Tina Lawson, Koi was only proven to be Mathew’s daughter after a DNA test confirmed it. 

In recent years, Koi has become a person of interest on Instagram as she slowly invites people into her world through her own account with the handle @candidlykoi. Her photos reveal a pretty young girl who’s quite the fashionista and with the talent brimming like that of her older half-sisters. 

Koi can sing and act as evidenced in clips of her performing in her school play. 

She’s also quite a stylish young lady appearing in photo shoots like the one she had during her eighth birthday. 

Though she would often be photographed with straight hair, this year, Koi has been fashioning her natural hair and flaunting it. Her latest posts see her wearing her curly locks in a high ponytail as she spreads positive vibes to her followers. 

In one of her posts, she writes, “the best is yet to come” as she sports a jacket and gives credit to its maker @myprettypom.

A second photo features her sitting in front of a small garden of roses. She writes,

“Sending love and good energy to all my followers! You are all beautiful and blessed, so smile and be happy! Drop a [happy face emoji] in my comments!”

Koi seems to be reeling in the new year with a lot of love and happy thoughts. Fans love it and expressed it in her comments section. 

Here’s looking forward to more of this positive force in 2019. 

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