NBC’s CEO calls Megyn Kelly a ‘huge talent’ admitting she was just on 'at the wrong time of day'

Odette Odendaal
Jan 16, 2019
06:41 P.M.
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In an interview on Monday NBCUniversal SEO, Steve Burke took the blame for Megyn Kelly’s flopped segment.


The debacle under which Megyn exited NBC News raised questions regarding what consequences Andy Lack is likely to face for his costly experiment.


Megyn’s show got canceled after she defended the wearing of blackface by white people as a Halloween costume.

Her final episode soon followed wherein she apologized while tearing up, and said she realized what she did was wrong. Nonetheless,  it was her last time on NBC.


Burke was adamant about his position to stand “100% behind Andy” and accepted some blame in how matters ended with the show and Megyn as he said:

“News organizations like ours should take risks. Megyn Kelly was a huge talent. I went over and told (Kelly) she should come here.”


Following comments Megyn made in October 2018 around blackface, the 48-year-old got fired as host of the third hour of Today. But Burke went on to say that Megyn was at a disadvantage as the ‘Megyn Kelly Today’ show was scheduled on air at the wrong time as he added:

“She was at the wrong time of day (on NBC). In hindsight, we shouldn’t have done it. But it wasn’t Andy going off rogue.”


Friday saw the finalization of the settlement between Peacock Network and Megyn. The former NBC anchor received every dime of her $69 million three year contract, even though there is still over a year remaining on it.

During a statement that evening Peacock Network said:

“The parties have resolved their differences, and Megyn Kelly is no longer an employee of NBC.”


According to Megyn’s exit agreement, she is subject to nondisclosure and can therefore not divulge information regarding her time at NBC. The absence of a non compete clause leaves Megyn with the option of finding work at another network if she chose.

Not long after Megyn’s exit, Kathie Lee Gifford announced her departure from the ‘Today Show.’ During a segment in October, Kathie, one of the most popular anchors of the show told the audience she had bittersweet news to share. 


Kathie explained that it was a hard decision to make, but that she is looking forward to upcoming projects. The 65-year-old anchor added that she plans to have her last show on the 11th anniversary of her being with the network, on April 7, 2019.

The anchor joined the show in 2008, and her chemistry with Hoda Kotb soon became evident and marked the beginning of a popular show that would last many years to come.

Before her segment on the show with Kotb, Kathie co-hosted 'Live with Regis & Kathie Lee.'