'The View' Abby Huntsman opens up about body-shaming after announcing she’s pregnant with twins

Abby Huntsman revealed being the target of body-shaming after announcing that she was pregnant.

The “The View” star, who is pregnant with twins, could barely hold back her tears as she shared about reading online comments mocking her.

Meghan McCain also shared her own experience with body-shaming.

"I've experienced a whole new level being pregnant this time,” Huntsman began.

“I will tell you, the last few days there have been more people that have said to me, 'Oh, you're only four months along? You look a lot further than that, you look a lot bigger than you should be at this point.' 

She added: "Things that, like, I'm sorry, but you just don't say that. If you're pregnant, you just want the kids to be healthy, you don't care what size you are.”


Huntsman opened up about her struggle after Whoopi Goldberg revealed that actress Melissa McCarthy was asked by a reporter if it “shocked her” that “her tremendous size” has not hindered her success in Hollywood.

Meghan McCain also shared her own experience with body-shaming. She quoted some journalists as telling her: “You’re so brave, you never lost weight.”

Former “The View” co-host  Candace Cameron Bure can relate also. She recently addressed a rude body-shaming comment she received online. She did not let the insult slide.

Bure received the demeaning remark after she posted a picture of herself and her son Lev posing outside Nobu in Malibu. The picture was taken when the duo had stepped out to celebrate some positive news.

While several fans and followers of the ex-host of The View reacted with positive comments, one of them chose to write that Bure looked heftier than her husband, despite dieting and exercise.

She replied that her waist size was 25, and if that size looked overweight, then there was something wrong with the user’s perception. 

Bure has always maintained how hard she has worked to stay physically fit.

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