Internet suspicious about a bloody plaster on Donald Trump's hand for over a week

Last Thursday, President Donald Trump first revealed a blood-soaked Band-Aid which was covering his right hand. The injury was revealed when the president was pictured with Sean Hannity during an interview at the Mexican border.

The White House claimed the injury occurred while Trump bonded with his youngest son. However, social media users have because suspicious and shared their own theories.

People are trying to figure out why President Donald Trump, 72, has been wearing Band-Aids over the past week on his hand. Different theories have been flying around even though the White House shared that the president got injured while playing with his son Barron Trump, 12.


Social media users became increasingly suspicious when press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders tried to explain the president’s injury. On Thursday, the bandage was seen oozing out a bit of blood.

On Monday, Trump was wearing a cleaner version one. Most of the theories that the internet presented were mainly to mock the president.

Someone wondered if the politician was covering a "lipid drain" after eating from the fast food buffet he ordered at the White House on Monday. The Clemson Tigers football team became the 2019 College Football champions and was invited to the White House for dinner.

However, when they got there, they were greeted with mountains of McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King burgers and Domino’s pizzas and French fries. The reason for the menu choice was because of the partial shutdown.

The federal government is currently facing a partial shutdown because Trump refuses to sign off on funding without getting money for his US-Mexico border wall. The Democrats have stuck to their guns by refusing to agree to the funding.

This has caused many federal employees to be furloughed while others continue working all with no pay. So on Monday, there wasn’t enough staff to do food preparations for the football team.

Sanders’ statement on Tuesday about the Band-Aids read: “The President was having fun and joking around with his son Barron and scratched his hand.” A social media user called the statement a lie and insisted the injury was actually an “IV site.”

It was also noted that Trump had never been seen hugging Barron, let alone playing with him. Some people believed that the White House was lying about the president’s health.

Trump was also teased after giving his national address about the border wall from the Oval Office. On Tuesday, Twitter was flooded with memes comparing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer to the president’s “disappointed parents” as they responded to his address.

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