Cops visit Blac Chyna's home after anonymous caller claims she was drunk, neglecting daughter Dream

Blac Chyna surprises authorities who responded to a call alerting them of the rapper’s intoxication while tending to her 2-year-old daughter.  

Someone seems to be tarnishing Blac Chyna’s name. An anonymous caller tipped the police of the rapper’s alleged intoxication only to discover the report was inaccurate.  


On Sunday night, police paid a visit to Chyna’s home after receiving a call from an unnamed source alleging she was drunk and neglecting her daughter, Dream.  The caller described Chyna as “in bad shape” and seemed to be concerned about the two-year-old’s welfare. 

Upon checking up on the star, police discovered the 30-year-old wasn’t drunk and Dream was fine with a nanny caring for her. Suspicions were high that the call was a result of an earlier altercation the salon owner had with one of the members of her glam team. 


The incident comes in the heels of earlier reports that Chyna threw a drink at Love & Hip Hop star Alexis Skyy, who’s now getting cozy with her ex-fiance and Dream’s father, Rob Kardashian. The pair shared a home-cooked meal just days after tensions were high between the warring women. 

Reports revealed their brawl took place at a VIP room in a bar where they intended to have a peaceful discussion about their past. Chyna believed Skyy was already in the picture while she was still dating Kardashian. Their talk apparently didn't go as planned prompting Chyna to attack a furious Skyy and ask her to leave. 


It’s unclear if Chyna was drunk during the confrontation but she was three years ago when she was ejected from a flight for drunk and disorderly behavior. The model reportedly became disruptive as the flight was about to take off forcing flight crew to surrender her to authorities who arrested her for public intoxication and possession of drugs. Kardashian, who was still her boyfriend then, picked her up at the police station in Texas where she was detained. 

Chyna and Kardashian were in a tumultuous relationship for a little over a year before they called off their engagement in February 2017, just a few months after they welcomed their daughter, Dream. The stars are currently at odds over Dream’s custody and are reportedly communicating through a mediator. 

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