Mariah Carey’s assistant claims she was physically, emotionally abused while employed by the singer

Mariah Carey is in the spotlight again unfortunately not the kind she likes. Her former assistant is claiming the diva physically and emotionally abused her while she was working for the singer.

Mariah Carey’s former assistant is suing the singer. She claims in the lawsuit that she was subjected to physical and sexual abuse during her employment.

Lianna Shakhnazaryan filed the suit in Los Angeles Superior Court. In it, she is claiming she was tormented by Carey’s manager, Stella Bulochnikov.

Mariah Carey at her 2018 New Years Eve performance | Getty Images

Mariah Carey at her 2018 New Years Eve performance | Getty Images

According to the suit, Bulochnikov slapped her buttocks and breasts. The former assistant adds that that Bulochnikov tackled her, and would sit on her.

The claims also include allegations that Bulochnikov would hold Skakhanazryan down and urinate on her. As well as refer to her as the “Armenian whore,” an “Armenian princess,” and an “f[expletiveg n[expletive].”

The suit also implicates Mariah Carey. According to Shakhnazaryan, Carey knew what was occurring and condoned Bulochnikov’s behavior.

She claims some of the acts sometimes occurred in Carey's presence. Carey counter-sued Shakhnazaryan on Wednesday.

The star is accusing Shakhnazaryan of secretly recording embarrassing videos. She stated in her suit that by doing so the former assistant violated a non-disclosure agreement.

The self-proclaimed diva is also accusing her former assistant of trying to extort $8 million from her. Shakhnazaryan says she was hired in September 2015, and was offered a salary of $328,500 a year.

Shakhnazaryan alleges that was on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. She was also expected to carry out work for both Carey and Bulochnikov.

The bulk of the allegations in the lawsuit are against Bulochnikov however, it also claims Carey was also physically and psychologically abusive. Shakhnazaryan insists she was fired in November 2017 after she reported Bulochnikov’s terrible behavior to Carey at a Connecticut resort.

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She is now suing Carey and Bulochnikov for wrongful termination, sexual battery, and sexual harassment, among other allegations. Bulochnikov stopped working for Carey over a year ago.

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