Rihanna's former boyfriend Chris Brown arrested on rape charge

Singer Chris Brown has been placed under arrest by French police after being accused of raping a woman in Paris.

The 29-year-old was arrested with two other people, whose identities are yet to be revealed, after the girl claimed she was raped on January 15, 2019.

It has been reported that the crime occurred at the Mandarin Oriental hotel and that a rape charge in France can carry a sentence of 15 years.


The 24-year-old woman claimed to have met the singer and his friends at a nightclub, right before she was taken to Brown's suite at the hotel.

The woman's name hasn't been shared with the public for her protection and French authorities are yet to make further comments regarding the investigation.


This isn't the first time Brown has had to deal with the strong arm of the law; back in 2009, he was found guilty of assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna.

The story went viral after a picture of the pop star's bruised face was released, making headlines all around the globe. The singer managed to avoid jail by pleading guilty.

As a result, Brown was sentenced to five years probation and community service, but he didn't seem to learn from the experience because he got in trouble again.

In 2013, the now 29-year-old was arrested after an altercation outside a hotel in Washington but was released from jail without bail. Later that year, he smashed his mother's car window during a family session at a rehab facility.


Brown was kicked out of the institution and ended up in jail for parole violation on March 24, being released three months later. Then, in 2017, he reportedly punched a man who took a photo of him without permission. 

The singer was later arrested, in the summer of 2018, after a concert in West Palm Beach, Florida, but walked away by posting $2,000 bail and, pleading not guilty. Still, he could face jail time and is awaiting trial.

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