'NCIS' Pauley Perrette 'begs' Kamala Harris to run for president, and fans reactions are mixed

Ra'eesah Manack
Jan 24, 2019
03:18 A.M.
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Pauley Perrette is backing her long-time friend Kamala Harris’ for the 2020 presidential run. The actress "begged" Harris to run for president in a tweet, shown below, but her fans are undecided if that was a good move.


NCIS alum, Pauley Perrette announced her endorsement of the Democratic California senator. In a tweet on Monday, she revealed that she has been “begging” for Harris to put her name in the running for president.

The actress went on to say she's known Harris for a long time. She believes Harris would make the perfect candidate.


“I’ve known @KamalaHarris for over a decade. She’s brilliant,” Perrette wrote  above a photo of herself and Harris. “I’ve been begging her to run. She’d be a great president. Proud of my friend. #Kamala2020.”

Perrette is known for being extremely vocal about her political views. However, this time it seems her views have divided her fans.

Screenshot of a fan's reply to Pauley Perrette's tweet. |


Some were deeply disappointed by the tweet. They felt she should not be backing Harris and were felt let down by the star.

However, others seemed to agree with Pauley's views. They felt that Harris was a better alternative to the current president and vice-president.

Screenshot of fan's response agreeing with Perrette's tweet |


One fan joked that the pic of the two ladies was a hint at a possible presidential duo. The fan commented "Prez and Vice Prez" under the tweet from Perrette.

Some fans agreed with him and encouraged Perrette to also join the race for the presidency. Another fan wrote that Harris would have his vote.

Screenshot of fans reaction to Perrette's tweet |


In November, Pauley had taken a stand against the current president. She encouraged Christians to vote against Republicans in the midterm elections.

She stated that President Donald Trump’s ideologies are the "opposite of Jesus.” She revealed she is a person who makes her decisions based on her faith and he goes against her beliefs.


“Where is Jesus when voting for someone who does the opposite of Jesus? I'm serious. I'm a faith-driven person. Jesus didn't make fun of people, say horribly mean things, spread hate about race, women, handicapped and pretty much any target that makes the hateful cheer,” she wrote. "I'm happy with my vote, as a Christian, to listen to love and Jesus and vote against Trump and his pals in any way,” she continued. “He is a mean, mean man. He's fooling you. Stop laughing with him. It's cruelty, and it's wrong."