Alicia Keys shares picture with her half-brother, Cole, showing off how much they look alike

Singer and host Alicia Keys took to Instagram to share a photo posing with her “big little brother” that surprised many people.

In the image, the singer appeared wearing a black ensemble adorned with sequins posing next to her brother, Cole Cook, who put on a similar suit. The most striking aspects of the post were their uncanny resemblance and how happy Alicia looked. For the caption, the singer wrote:

“This is my big little brother (cause he’s taller than me) Anyone that knows me knows that he’s so precious to me. Overtime I’ve realized that some of the greatest blessings come to you through ways you don’t always expect or have control over.”

Alicia added that life depends on the lenses people look through and that she was grateful for having “this incomparable and most unique connection.”


Some of the singer’s followers were surprised when she uploaded that pic as they didn’t know Alicia had a brother. Since her mother Teresa Augello (also known as Terria Joseph) and her father Craig Cook separated when she was only two years old, Teresa raised her alone as an only child.

As Alicia was growing up, her relationship with her father was very negative. Things changed when her paternal grandmother passed away in 2006, though, and the singer realized that Craig was not “an evil person.”

From that point on, she decided to make amends with him and, nowadays, their relationship is a lot better. Things were different with Cole, though, as they didn’t have to go through a healing process to become friends.


It is not the first time that Cole has appeared on Alicia’s social media accounts. Back in March 2018, the singer took to Instagram to share a photo wishing her brother a happy birthday, describing him as a "kind," "creative," and "brilliant" person with an "unstoppable" soul.

Apart from that, the singer has supported Cole in different occasions, including when he ran the NYC marathon in 2013. For that milestone, she uploaded a video on social media asking people to share “some love” with him.


Cole and Alicia certainly look alike, but the man and his father are just like two peas in a pod. In a photo that Cole posted in January 2018, he and his father posed together, and their resemblance was evident.

Some people considered that they looked so similar that they could pass as brothers. For the caption, Cole wrote,

“Well I cut off my hair and now really look like my pops such an amazing night watching my sister and brother in law being honored!”

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