Сhurch pastor says rebellious youngters should be stoned to death

Pastor Jonathan Shelley shared his opinion on how to teach moral obedience in society; by stoning the ‘vessel’ of rebellion.

Stedfast Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Texas in 2015, was tagged a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, after their LGBT bants against gays, calling them pedophiles.

Years later and their new pastor is already in the news shortly after replacing his successor, Pastor Donnie Romero, who resigned two weeks ago after admitting to engaging in prostitution, gambling and smoking weed. In another unfortunate event, a Brooklyn pastor got arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting his own 14-year-old daughter.

A Youtube video which surfaced revealed Pastor Shelley was saying: 

“Young adults are going to continue being more rebellious, more mocking, more arrogant, more prideful. You see, it's never enough. They want to keep mocking their parents and disobeying their parents. You've got to squash out the rebellion in your child. Do you know how you can squash rebellion in public schools today? Take the rebellious one out and stone him. I'd bet they'd shaken up quick. I bet they’d figure it out.” 

He used the Old Testament Bible to support his false preaching of stoning children to death. 

"I am taking verses from Deuteronomy 21, preaching that teachers and parents must beat down the lazy and rebellious attitude of the average young US adult." - Pastor Shelley

In the clip, he emphasized how to "squash" America's rebellious minded generation, and also spoke about blindly following the wishes of the elders. According to Pastor Shelley, this surely is a better way of life as opposed to revolting against the elders.

Jonathan maintained that children must obey their parents because it is what God wants and that doing otherwise would anger Him. 

According to the Texan pastor; 

"the society is destroying itself” simply because “prideful teenage jerks are not being put to death as the book of Deuteronomy demands.” 

He condemned people who play video games, drink alcohol and hangs out with friends all day to be stoned to death also. And that young men should be able to work and discipline themselves, knowing they are at risk of God killing them if they do otherwise.

The women also took some heat in his sermon; he sentenced this generation for forsaking the Bible, hence not producing older women who can influence the younger ones with any value.

The hate-filled video has been taken down by YouTube, with a message: 

“This video has been removed for violating YouTube's policy on hate speech. Learn more about combating hate speech in your country.”

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