Woman who assaulted Black teens at MLK Day event fired, boyfriend may face hate crime charges

Ra'eesah Manack
Jan 25, 2019
04:33 P.M.
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Dana Scalione and her reportedly racist boyfriend are facing the consequences after they assaulted Black teens at MLK Day event.


On Monday, a woman and her boyfriend became involved in a clash with a group of black teenagers. The woman claimed one of the youngsters rode over her foot and the situation quickly escalated when her boyfriend raged onto the scene.

He pulled a gun on the group of teens and hurled racists expletives at them. Now, both the woman, who was identified as Dana Scalione and the man, Mark Bartlett are facing grave consequences for their actions.

The woman and her boyfriend as they confront the boys| Screenshot: https://twitter.com/BillyCorben/status/1087849017831235586


According to the real estate company, Scalione's involvement in the tussle goes against company policy. As a result, she has been fired.

"Insignia International Properties does not tolerate discrimination. Dana Scalione is no longer affiliated with this organization," the company posted on its Facebook page.


Scalione's termination comes just after the altercation was captured on cellphone video at  Brickell Avenue Bridge. The video went viral and showed Scalione and Bartlett clearly.

Bartlett was arrested shortly after the incident. He was charged for carrying a concealed firearm. Police said Bartlett did not own a concealed carry permit for the gun.


Police went onto reveal that the gun was loaded and resting on the front passenger seat. Scalione is not facing charges.

She told reporter Madeleine Wright that racial slurs were thrown around from both sides saying, "I was called a white a-- first. Nobody calls them racist. I was called a [expletive]. Nobody says they hate women."

Comment left on Insignia Internationals Facebook post | https://www.facebook.com/InsigniaInternationalProperties


Scalione went on to explain she does not think the teens or her boyfriend are racist. She claims the words that were exchanged were simply situational.

"All I see is 15 people running across the street toward my girlfriend -- over the median, toward my girlfriend," said Bartlett. "My first reaction is I have a gun on me. Whether I have a gun on me or not, I'm running to see and to protect my family. I had a gun though. It wasn't loaded. I ran out there. You can see I never pointed it. I never threatened anybody. I just needed it in case something were to happen."

Comment left on the Insignia International Properties Facebook page | https://www.facebook.com/InsigniaInternationalProperties


The incident led many to post on the Facebook page of Insignia International Properties including numerous wondering when she had started working at the company. The company eventually posted that Scalione has been employed at the company since 2012 or 2013. 

"Quite a few people have been screaming at me as if I just hired Ms. Scalione and that's not the case," a post on the Facebook page read. "She started with Insignia in 2012-2013. I respect everyone is angry but just as multiple people have commented I was not there and those are not my opinions so if people would refrain from physical threats it would be appreciated. Because that makes all of us no better than the people that hate. We have to start respecting and loving one another. We are all human beings no matter of color, religion, and beliefs."