Nas claims ex-wife Kelis violated custody agreement after taking their son to Colombia

Nas is furious over his ex-wife Kelis violating a bunch of child custody agreements. He claims that his ex-wife Kelis has violated their custody agreement yet again after taking their son on a trip to Colombia. 

According to Nas, his ex-wife Kelis wants to move to Colombia and take their son with her. According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Kelis took their 9-year-old son Knight to Colombia.

While he was supposed to be reunited with his son for New Year's Eve, Kelis messaged him to say that there had been a sudden change of plans. He says that it wasn't until January 14 that she and Knight went back to the US. 

He adds that Kelis and her new husband purchased a farm in Colombia, and are planning to spend most of their time there. In fact, Nas says that his wife even took Knight out from the private school that he was attending, and is currently homeschooling him. This could most likely be because this is the best way he can continue to study while traveling from Colombia to the US constantly. 

This has troubled Nas, as he said her plan to move to South America is a violation of their current custody agreement. Not only is she discreetly living in Colombia with her husband and their child, but she also hasn't been providing the necessary notice for traveling that should have been arranged prior to their departure. 

Even when Kelis and Knight are in America, Nas claims that she still hasn't been cooperative when it comes to co-parenting. She adds that on Father's Day last year, he did not even get to spend time with his son. Neither did he get to spend time with him on Halloween and Thanksgiving, which was their supposed agreement on even-numbered years. 

Fed up, Nas now wants the judge to find Kelis in contempt for violating multiple clauses in their custody agreement. 

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