Meghan McCain on why she doesn't call herself a Republican anymore, blames President Trump

Jaimie-lee Prince
Jan 29, 2019
01:22 A.M.
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Meghan McCain is still a Republican - just don't call her one. She prefers to call herself a conservative thanks to Trump. 


The "View" co-host addressed the matter on Monday's episode of the show. She had first mentioned her preferred title in a discussion with Van Jones three days ago. 

She refreshed what she told Jones: 

"I said I consider myself a conservative first and foremost before being a Republican - which, by the way, people like Ted Cruz say all the time - then I also said I'm still in the party and I still vote Republican and I will going forward, but Trump gets nothing from me." 


Then she explained: 

"That somehow got interpreted as I have led this mass exodus out of the Republican party. It's not true at all: I am still a Republican. But not voting for Trump doesn't necessarily mean you're not a conservative."

The daughter of the late Senator John McCain insisted that the Republican party is "so tied up with being for" Donald Trump. Hence, she is pulling away from association with that party. 


At the time, McCain told Van Jones: 

"I think over 80-something percent of Republicans support President Trump and maybe they are doing it because they don’t have another option, but I think the populist Trump brand really has taken over. Which is why there's this sort of no-mans-land that I'm in."

McCain also said that she hates America without her father being there. That is, without his leadership. The tv personality regularly expresses her grief over the loss of her father.


Her mother, Cindy McCain, has also been very public about how much she misses her late husband. John passed away last year after losing his battle with brain cancer. 

On January 13, Meghan shared a photo of both her mother and father. She accompanied the picture with a caption praising her mom.

She wrote: 

"I love you Mom @cindymccain - grateful for your love, strength, never ending support and always knowing how to perfectly wear black turtle necks and Chanel. You’re the toughest and most resilient of us all. Thank you for selflessly guiding us through and being a bright light in so much dark."


Around the same time, Meghan slammed GOP congressman Steve King for making racist statements to the Times. Again, she was on "The View" when she expressed herself. 

King's words led to many calling for his removal from Congress.

He said: 

“White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive? Why did I sit in classes teaching me about the merits of our history and our civilization?”


In response, Meghan said: 

"I condemn him. He should step down. He's racist and he is bad for the party. [I] would like us to move forward and past things that I thought were done in the '60s." 

Regardless of one's opinions on titles, it's encouraging to see Meghan being strict about her principles and fearlessly making her opinions known.