John Legend and daughter Luna take turns wearing a fiery red wig in adorable photos

John Legend and his daughter Luna are melting hearts on social media with a set of pics from their daddy-daughter time together, while Chrissy Teigen films a secret project in  Marrakech, Morocco.

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"Dada's shoulders"

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The daddy-daughter duo had a good time playing around on Friday, and Legend made sure to share some unique snapshots alongside his girl on Instagram, causing his wife Chrissy Teigen to feel left out, as she’s currently away from home.

In a series of pics the EGOT Award winner shared, little Luna seems to be enjoying her dad’s company as they played around with a red wig.

In the first shot, Luna Simone rocked a pink dress as she proudly showed off her stylish red hair, and in the second one, it was John’s turn to put on the wig.

The crooner was delighted by the look, apparently making his daughter had a good belly laugh. Luna wore a t-shirt with a Little Mermaid print on it, which drove fans to take a wild guess that Ariel was the source of inspiration to get the red wig.

“She loves this wig,” Legend wrote on the post. Teigen, on the other hand, shared the same pics to her account, and captioned the post:

“My babies are having too much fun without me.”


Fans of the couple and their babies took over the comment section to gush about little Luna and her silly dad, with most of them praising Legend’s parenting skills and the fact that he does not fear being ridiculed as long as he gets a smile out of his child.

@jochambi85: Wow! Lol takes a real father to do this sh**! KMSL Kool dad!”

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She loves this wig

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@aileen.adventure: @johnlegend sure, "she" loves the wig. Her father seems pretty happy wearing the wig, too aaand she is absolutely adorable.”

@marysol.que: There is nothing sweeter than a father making his daughter smile even if he has to look silly. Beautiful photos.”

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Sticker makeovers by Luna

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John also shared a pic with Luna resting on his chest while they relax on a sofa, another one of the girl and her little brother Miles playing piano, and one from their Sunday brunch, with the toddler looking adorable in a colorful dress while getting ready to eat some fries and a burger.

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Friday night

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Talking about Luna and her role as a big sister, Legend told Entertainment Tonight a few months ago that she was loving it but still learning how to share mom and dad’s affection with her eight-months-old baby brother.

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excuse me, I'm teaching

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“She’s doing great! She loves [being a big sister],” Legend said. “She’s very caring with him and sweet with him. She gets a little jealous every once in a while, and she’ll make sure she gets my attention because she knows I’m paying attention to Miles.”

On a different interview, Teigen also talked about Luna’s jealousy, which extends to her relationship with John. She said:

“It's hard though because she's definitely jealous of John and I. She's so protective of John and when we kiss, she, like, looks [up] from no matter where she is. You see her little dark eyes somewhere. It's a lit

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Brunch buddies

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Last November, Teigen melted hearts all over social media with an adorable video of Luna trying to feed baby Miles.

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please help me I cannot handle how cute this bear is

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In the footage, both kids are sitting on a sofa under the vigilant eye of Teigen behind the camera, while Luna holds a bottle to her sibling’s mouth. She then lets go of it, as she tries to teach her brother how to hold it up by himself “hold it with two hands, Miles,” she says. But the then 6-months-old doesn’t seem to be interested in the bottle.

Teigen only used a crying emoji on her Instagram caption, but fans said in the comment section they understood exactly what she meant. She has the cutest kids. 

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