Tisha Campbell accuses estranged husband Duane Martin of physical abuse & strangulation

Tisha Campbell-Martin reveals that her estranged husband has been abusing her for years, and even reports that he had another violent episode just last month. 

The "Martin" star filed a restraining order against Duane Martin, claiming that he once punched her chest with a closed fist. In the court documents she filed, she wrote:

"[In December, Duane] grabbed me by my arm to try to get me in the bedroom."

Since then, she's had enough and went straight to the police about the multiple times he allegedly hurt her physically. 

TMZ discovered that Duane had already been physically, emotionally, and mentally abusing Tisha since the start of their marriage in 1996. According to her, he used to berate her about her weight and the results of her not being able to land jobs because of it. 

Now that she finally spoke out about what she's been experiencing for 23 years, Campbell says it's because she can no longer live this way. 

"I can no longer live in fear of retaliation ... the need [to] press criminal charges for his acts overshadows the embarrassment of making his crimes against me public through this report."

Due to her report, a judge granted Tisha a temporary restraining order, which requires her estranged husband to stay at least 100 yards away from her. This comes after their already-gruesome divorce proceedings, which has the ex-couple arguing about many things. 

Duane and Tisha currently have a verbal agreement on 50-50 custody agreement over their children, where they spend time equally with their two songs. However, Tisha also revealed that Duane has not been following their verbal custody agreement, threatening to keep their sons for much longer than what they agreed upon. This prompted her to request for a written agreement which will make it much easier for them to abide by what they've come to terms with. 

Campbell also stressed that she is currently facing financial problems due to the divorce, while Duane insists that he is the one that needs spousal support more than she does. 

In the end, all these issues surrounding their divorce has made it much more difficult for them to finally agree on something. 

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