Meghan McCain admits she 'completely underestimated' Nancy Pelosi

Odette Odendaal
Jan 29, 2019
11:52 A.M.
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On January 27, Meghan McCain admitted on live television that she misjudged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her ability to stand up to President Trump.


During Meghan’s appearance on ABC News’ ‘This Week,’ she praised Nancy as a force to be reckoned with, adding that she failed to anticipate Nancy’s unwavering standoff against President Trump over the partial government shutdown.

Recent negotiations mostly ended in Nancy’s favor, as a temporary spending bill got signed off by President Trump. However, it doesn’t include any funds for the border wall and is the main reason for the partial government shutdown to begin with.


On ‘This Week’ during the panel discussion, Meghan commented:

“I was one of the people that were saying that Nancy Pelosi was not the right speaker going forward, that they needed a leadership change. I’m here saying I was wrong; I completely underestimated how powerful and how strong she is.”

President Trump’s 2016 deputy campaign manager, David Bossie accused Nancy of costing the country $6 billion because of the ongoing partial shutdown, much more than the $5.7 billion Trump demanded to build the wall.

In actual fact, President Trump shut down the government when he refused to sign funding legislation. Meghan went on to call Nancy “someone who can actually call him on his bluff” and added that it is something the “Democrats haven’t been able to do so far.”


There are only three weeks left for lawmakers to reach an agreement on border security before funding to operate the government runs out, again. But as matters stand, neither President Trump nor Nancy and Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer is willing to back down from their positions.

This is not the first time Meghan went on air to retract previously made statements. Late in October last year, Meghan apologized while on ‘The View’ for past statements she made against Hillary Clinton.


During the show, they discussed the deterioration of American politics, and Meghan apologized for her role in it as she said:

“Last year on this show, I said I hate Hillary Clinton and I called her Crooked Hillary, and it is one of the things I regret doing.”

Meghan specified that her regret stems from adding to the toxic rhetoric surrounding politics and not because she agreed with Hillary.

On Monday’s episode of the show, Meghan addressed the matter of her preferred political party, as she is of the opinion that the Republican party is “so tied up with being for” President Trump. As a result, she decided to distance herself from the party, and reiterated a statement she made during a discussion with Van Jones three days ago, as she said:


"I said I consider myself a conservative first and foremost before being a Republican - which, by the way, people like Ted Cruz say all the time - then I also said I'm still in the party and I still vote Republican and I will going forward, but Trump gets nothing from me."

Meghan made it clear that she is still a Republican, but won’t vote for President Trump.