Steve Harvey has twin daughters who are now 37 and strongly resemble dad

Steve Harvey's twin daughters are now 37-years-old and strongly resemble their father's features. 

Due to Steve Harvey's large family, not all his fans can keep up when it comes to the number of children he has let alone whether he has twin children. However, on special occasions like her daughters' birthday, he never fails to mention that he indeed has twin daughters named Brandi and Karli, who are now turning 37-years-old. 

Although Steve often shares more photos of his wife Marjorie on social media, there are some times where he shares some rare photos of his children. Last August, the proud dad made sure to share a sweet birthday greeting for his lovely daughters saying:

"Happy Birthday to my Girls Brandi and Karli... I am so proud of the young women you’ve become ....but you’ll always be Daddy’s  Lil girls I don’t care what you do ...... I love you [sic].”

Although Steve's children did not necessarily follow his footsteps in the entertainment industry, his daughter Brandi comes close, who just like her dad, is fond of speaking in front of large crowds. She is more famously known for her motivational speeches, with ranges of topics from gender equality, women empowerment, to learning how to be resilient during challenging times. 

Apart from her speaking engagements, Brandi also practices a vegan and sustainable lifestyle, in hopes of trying to reduce her carbon footprint and stay healthy.

Meanwhile, Karli Harvey-Raymond chooses to live a more low-key married life, recently getting married and giving birth to a baby boy.

Nonetheless, despite the different lives they lead, one fact will always remain, and that is they will always be their daddy's little girl, and at the end of the day, nothing will ever change his love for them. 

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