Homework emergency: child dials 911 to solve a math problem that he had described as 'so hard'

A homework emergency saw a child dialing 911 to solve a math problem that he described as "so hard." The 911 operator decided to help him out.

A 911 dispatcher in Lafayette, Indiana, proved that the emergency helpline is there for any emergency. She took the time to aid a frustrated young caller.

The young boy was seeking help with his homework. The boy told  Antonia Bundy, the 911 operator, he “had a really bad day” and had “tons of homework."

Antonia works for the Lafayette Police Department. She answered a call earlier this month from the young boy.

The audio recording of the call was posted to the department's official Twitter account on Friday. In the recording, Bundy is heard calmly helping the caller solve his math emergency.

"I had a really bad day, and, I just don't know," the boy said at the start of the call.

Bundy calmed him down and began asking him about his day. She questioned him about school and what happened to spoil his day.

"I just have tons of homework," explained the boy.

The young boy, whose identity has not been revealed, needed help with fractions. Instead of berating him, Bundy helped him solve the math problem he said was "so hard."

 "I'm sorry for calling you, but I really needed help," said the boy after she helped him.

Dispatchers receive hundreds of calls a day. The boy's call happened while the department's dispatch center was not busy.

"They do receive some oddball requests," said Lafayette Police Sgt. Matt Gard. "But this situation of calling asking for homework help — I’ve been in law enforcement for 13 years and I don’t know I’ve ever heard of this happening."

Gard said the call was placed from a cell phone that could only call 911. He went on to stress that the department does not recommend calling 911 for homework but he also commended Bundy for taking the time to help the boy.

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