South Carolina teen reportedly faked his own kidnapping to get $130 from his mother

A teenager from South Carolina has been accused of blackmailing his own mother after he faked his own kidnapping for $130. 

Sumter, South Carolina deputies have revealed that Emmanuel Franklin, 19, was arrested for blackmail after he caused his mother to believe that he would be "killed by kidnappers" if she did not come up with $130. 

On January 22, the frantic mom received a call from her son and an unknown man from an unknown number. According to her, the man demanded that she put $130 in one of the mailboxes on Bagnal Drive or else her son would be hurt or even killed. 

After being interviewed by the police, Franklin revealed to the police that he just made up the story to get money from his mom. 

This isn't the first time a South Carolina teenager has been in the news recently. An 18-year-old high school football player passed away while having routine ACL surgery. 

Spartanburg High School athlete Nick Dixon suffered from complications during his surgery to repair his ACL and meniscus and it cost him his life.

The teenager was a promising football player who was given a scholarship at Wingate University just a day before his surgery.

Due to his unexpected death, he left his friends, family, and peers in shock. Candlelight tributes were made in his honor, with such large turnouts that it was clear Dixon was loved by many.

His teachers, schoolmates, and fellow football players had nothing but kind words to say about him, saying he had always been a very likable person. 

Although tragedy struck him and his loved ones, he will always be remembered for the loving, hardworking, persevering and God-loving person that he was. 

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