February 01, 2019

49-year-old Jennifer Lopez stuns fans with her flawless figure in a new photo

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The 49-year-old singer and actor, Jennifer Lopez, wowed fans with her most recent Instagram photo. 

She shared the photo with her 85 million followers, showing off a blush pink sports bra and a pair of skintight patterned leggings. She wrote in the caption: 

"Day 9 and feelin’... like I can’t wait for Day 10. [laughing emoji] Who’s still with us? @arod #10DayChallenge #NoSugarNoCarbs"


She completed the look with a matching wool beanie and sported smokey eye makeup teamed with glossy lip color to compliment her complexion. 

Lopez began the 10 Day Challenge with her partner, Alex Rodrigues, nine days ago. She is still going strong and has given up carbs and sugar. 


The "Enough" star, who turns 50 in six months, said in an Instagram story that it is harder to keep the hunger pangs at bay then she expected. 

Instagram stories only remain online for 24 hours. However, according to Inquistr, the star reportedly said:  

"So it turns out when you don’t have sugar, and you don’t have carbs you’re really, really hungry all the time."


Apart from omitting sugar and carbs, the singer also works out with Rodrigues and showed off their exercise routine in a series of posts. 

Lopez has proven time and again that she has what it takes to turn heads, whether she's dressed in workout gear or a clean-cut business outfit. 


Jennifer has more than 100 film, acting and producing credits to her name. Fans can look forward to her made-for-TV movie, "Bye Bye Birdie Live!"

She was cast in the role of Rose Alvarez. The film is in pre-production, and a release date has not yet been confirmed. 

She will also appear in "The Hustlers at Scores" and serves as the executive producer on both films. Fans who don't want to wait for the films can catch up on "Shades of Blue."

Lopez was cast as Detective Harlee Santos and appeared in more than 35 episodes between 2016 and 2018.