'I’m coming home, Dad,' Nutritionist 27, commits suicide after posting farewell note online

Tara Cordell, a talented 27-year-old nutritionist who lived in New York, took her own life after sharing a heartbreaking suicide note on her website.

As her online profile reads, Cordell earned her Bachelor’s degree in dietetics at the San Francisco State University and her Master’s degree in clinical nutrition from New York University.

In the blog’s entry, titled “I Hate The Word ‘Bye’, But See You Later Maybe?” she revealed that the suicidal thoughts have been in her mind for over a decade (when she was a teen).


After that, Cordell explained her motivation, admitting that she learned that hope was “nothing more than delayed disappointment” and that she was tired of feeling tired. Even though several people considered that Cordell had a great career and a bright future ahead, the lady labeled those aspects of life as “trivial.”

Cordell set clear that she didn’t feel anything during what was supposed to be the happiest and darkest times in her life. She added that no conversation or situation led her to commit suicide.


Later, the lady listed some of the things that she would miss the most, including, 

“Real true authentic street tacos. Cal-Italian cuisine. Hunan Bistro's fried rice. The pork belly and grape mini from State Bird Provisions circa 2013. Popeye's of course.”

Proving that she had been thinking about the letter for a while, Cordell even requested no funeral, tributes, or GoFundMe campaigns. All she asked for was people to have a delicious meal in her honor and “let me go, no exceptions.”


She also requested people to remember her as a “whole human you share memories with” and not only for her last act.

Reaching the end of the letter, she addressed her father, who is also dead, telling him that she was on her way and asking him to make some room for her on “that cloud” and turn the “Motown up.” Finally, she wrote, “I’m really sorry mama.”

After some of her colleagues requested a welfare check because Cordell didn’t show up for work, police found the lady dead from suicide by hanging inside her Manhattan apartment. In it, agents found another suicide note, which content has not been revealed.


On a similar note, a 10-year-old boy named Seven Bridges committed suicide after repeated bullying over colostomy bag. After trying his best to endure the mistreatment, the boy hanged himself in the family’s home.

Bridges underwent 26 surgeries after he was born with a medical defect. He was required to wear a colostomy bag which apparently would smell. This became the reason why kids would pick on the fifth grader.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. Other international suicide helplines can be found at befrienders.org.

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