Adriano Celentano's Daughter Is 50 Years Old Now and She Has a Very Extraordinary Personality

Adriano Celentano is a legend of Italian cinema and known for his roles in films such as “La Dolce Vita” and “Grand Hotel Excelsior.” His daughter, Rosalinda, is now 50 and following in her father’s footsteps as an actress.

Adriano married his wife, Claudia Mori, in 1964 and they have been married for 54 years. They have three children together; namely Rosalinda, Giacomo, and Rosita.

Rosalinda is an actress with over 20 credits, including "The Passion of Christ." She has an extraordinary personality and a unique sense of style.


Claudia raised Rosalinda in a very strict manner, which led her to rebel. This, along with her father’s frequent absence from their home, led her to develop a very different personality.

She could not stand her home circumstances and left when she was 18. This resulted in her living amongst the homeless for six months.

By 36 she had already been faced with many challenges, including her mental health. Rosalinda attempted suicide by taking a high dose of sleeping pills, but doctors were able to assist her in time for her to survive.

Since then she has improved her mood and has many different interests, such as pursuing her singing career and painting.

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