Cops spark outrage after using excessive force to restrain Black female student in school cafeteria

A disturbing clip from a violent video showed cops punching, slamming, pulling Black female student's hair in the school cafeteria.

This week disturbing footage from Hazleton Area High School emerged on social media and once again kicked up the debate on police brutality. In the clip, a Black female student is shown violently detained by officers.

Her classmates were shocked and terrified at the events that unfolded in front of them. Many immediately recorded the incident on their phones and even tried to demand answers from the officers after the incident.

Screenshot from the video of a black student being brutally restrained by four security officers | Twitter: @iamdejmilann

Screenshot from the video of a black student being brutally restrained by four security officers | Twitter: @iamdejmilann

On Tuesday, a Twitter user with the handle “iamdejmilann” posted the video.  She exposed the story and posted two clips from the incident.

The clips showed a young woman at the Pennsylvania high school surround by what appears to be a group of security officers who are attempting to subdue her. In the video, not only did an officer punch the girl in the legs and kneecap but the three adult men pinned the teen to a table and held her down.

Classmates tried to rush to her aid and the girl attempted to stand up. However, the officer and a man in a red shirt twisted her arms behind her back. A faculty member eventually intervened.

Students jumped on tables and benches and attempted corner authorities. They demanded answers for the use of excessive force from multiple officers against the girl.

While the victim was escorted out of the frame, the video panned the room to show dozens of outraged students. The school did not release an official statement.

Students, on the other hand, were not ready to let the situation slide. They took to social media and shared updates as well as insight into their personal experience with the school's faculty following the disturbing incident.

One classmate took to social media to recall a conversation that she allegedly had with the head of security on campus. She revealed: 

“Head of security at the high school, Chief Edward Henry told me that if I saw the entire video I would understand. I told him there was nothing he could show me that would justify the extent of force used against this woman!!”

The story unfolded in the midst of the current Super Bowl boycott and fueled the debate around police brutality. The boycott is the result of the "Black Lives Matter" movement started by footballer Colin Kaepernick.

Kaepernick had lead other players to take a knee during the National Anthem to protest police brutality. His actions were highly controversial and eventually saw him leave the NFL.

Many black stars including Cardi B have since boycotted the 2019 NFL Super Bowl half time show in support of Kaepernick and the "Black Lives Movement."

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