653-lb woman to undergo weight loss surgery after years of binge eating & playing video games

Edduin Carvajal
Feb 07, 2019
09:43 A.M.
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Lacey Hodder, a 29-year-old lady from Michigan, weighed 653 pounds due to her unhealthy lifestyle. Doctor Younan Nowzaradan took care of her during the latest episode of “My 600-Lb Life.”


Unfortunately, Lacey always had a negative relationship with food as her parents owned multiple restaurants and her mother, just like her, was a binge eater, which means that they ate a lot of food within short periods.

Apart from that, the lady didn’t exercise at all as she spent most of the time playing video games. Things drastically changed for Lacey when her mother got a weight-loss surgery as she felt abandoned in her binge-eating habit.

Lacey Hodder and her mother at Doctor Younan Nowzaradan’s office | Source: YouTube/Monsters and Critics



Later, her parents got divorced, which was the final push Lacey needed to lose control over food. To comfort herself for the divorce, she would eat a lot of pizza and ice-cream, which ultimately led her to weigh 653 pounds.

Doctor Younan Nowzaradan talking to Lacey | Source: YouTube/Monsters and Critics


Aware of the problem, she and her mother went to Houston to see Dr. Now. However, when Lacey was getting out of the van she was traveling in, she tripped and fell, hurting her leg “so bad.”


Once they were with Dr. Now, he told her that she needed to lose weight to be eligible for the surgery, so he recommended a 1,200-calorie diet focused on high protein and low carb for her to start immediately.


Apart from that, he ordered her to walk at least 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening. Dr. Now set clear that if she did that, she would lose at least 80 pounds in two months.



Lacey even had to move to Houston to be closer to the doctor and follow the diet. Thankfully she managed to lose 105 pounds on her own and, by the end of the episode, the lady had lost 256 pounds.


At the moment, the lady is proud of her journey and shares photos on her Facebook page, proving how different she looks.



Thankfully, Lacey is not the only person who lost several pounds during the show. Lupe Donovan was over 600 pounds and couldn’t even stand without help in 2016.

Due to the strict regime and the surgery she got at her time in “My 600-Lb Life,” she had lost 300 pounds by 2017. After losing more weight to get a skin removal surgery, she managed to lose 420 pounds, proving that her life drastically changed for the better.


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