Ex-liberal shares how he received death threats for wearing a MAGA hat for the last year

Feb 08, 2019
01:47 A.M.
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Ryan Moore opened up about his affiliation toward Donald Trump and the “Make America Great Again” philosophy through his Tennessean column.


Admitting that he had formerly been a liberal before changing his views and coming to support President Trump, Moore wrote about how being a Trump supporter does not qualify as being a racist.

He explained that he receives a lot of death threats and abusive comments on his social media because of his support for MAGA and for being a white American.


“It’s okay for them to disagree with my political views, but it’s not okay for them to despise and attack me for the color of my skin. I believe in being respectful to everyone whether I agree or disagree with their politics and opinions.”

Ryan Moore, Tennessean, January 30, 2019

Moore informed that his great-grandparents were also immigrants, who legally came into America as children. So, he is completely in favor of legal immigration.


He also stressed that the color of a person’s skin has nothing to do with immigration or the wall.

“It is simply the fact that there are some things in America’s past that are better than they are now and of course there are other things that are better in present-day America.”


Furthermore, Moore blamed Democrats for being obsessed with “people of color” and gender. He also argued that, unlike Democrats, Republicans view people “for who they are not for their gender or skin color.”

“White men are the most hated and discriminated against a group of people in the United States now,” Moore stated.


He brought everyone’s attention to the amount of abuse he receives on a daily basis because of being white and supporting President Trump. He also clarified that he has never “made a hateful or racist comment toward anyone.”

According to Moore, wearing a MAGA hat is a way of showing that you put America before everything else.


He argued that MAGA hats are made in the USA and it stands as a symbol of choosing the product made in one’s own country above everything else. “Buy American, hire American,” Moore explained.

Moore also explained the meaning of “Again” in the MAGA slogan. He stated that “Again” did not mean people want to go back to a time when there was no equality among all races and sexes.


“It is simply the fact that there are some things in America’s past that are better than they are now and of course there are other things that are better in present-day America,” Moore claimed.

Previously, Fox News host Laura Ingraham opened up about MAGA hats having the potential of becoming a symbol of "intolerance, kindness, and inclusiveness."

The conservative TV personality also stated that she was sorry that the hats have come to become a symbol of "hate crime."

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