February 08, 2019

Debts and lack of money made a woman jump from a bridge with her 10-year-old child

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The entire population of Ibagué, Colombia, was shocked by the terrible fate of a mother and her son.

Jessy Paola Moreno Cruz, 32, threw herself off a bridge along with her 10-year-old son. Both lost their lives in an event that has been classified by the authorities as suicide.

Before falling into the void, it is reported that police officers, firefighters, lifeguards, and even psychologists tried to deal with the lady who was threatening to take her own life and that of her son, but the assistance did not work.


The psychologist had managed to persuade her, but suddenly she "looked at someone" and let go of the mental heallth professional's grip. Both mother and son fell from a at least a hundred meters high bridge.

While the child was holding the bars of the bridge - as seen in some images circulating on social media - he asked his mother not to do it, and although a telephone contact was made with the child's grandmother, the woman committed the final act, in which the minor also lost his life.


In other images, it is possible to see that those who were in the site were deeply moved by the whole situation, and seeing the tragic outcome they let some tears flow.

Neither the police nor the civilians that arrived at the scene could avoid the woman's suicide.



The mayor of Ibagué, Guillermo Alfonso Jaramillo, revealed that the debts with a lender under the "Drop by Drop" modality, could be the main cause that led the young woman to commit the shocking act.

"Two of the cases that recently appeared have to do with debts, with the 'drop by drop' or 'daily payment' that became a terrible situation, this single mother, was desperate facing so much pressure from these debts," Jaramillo said. 

According to a journalist's post on Facebook, Jessy Paola Moreno was immersed in serious economic problems and said that she was possibly pregnant. Even some media revealed that she also had problems with an ex-partner, but everything is still being investigated by the authorities.




Reports indicate that at 8:00 in the morning the woman was sitting on the edge of the La Variante Bridge, also called the "Suicide Bridge." A driver apparently alerted the authorities about what was happening.

Doctors and law enforcement personnel arrived at the place, but none could do anything. In fact, even the boy begged his mother not to do it. "Give me your hand," the lifeguards told the woman, according to reports.



Following the events, the mayor criticized the media for the coverage given to the situation. "We always end up with the sensationalist communication," he said.

He also said that the psychologist had persuaded the woman, but suddenly she saw someone and let herself fall off the bridge.

In another unfortunate story, a British mother of two, Penny Oliver, 54, committed suicide at the end of last year, after getting into debt for the medication she needed to treat her depressive disorder.

Oliver started receiving bills and threats from the British National Health Service for drugs, adding penalty fees and surcharges that charged the amount owed from £ 20.60 to £ 120.60, and that was only one of her accounts.

The pressure of the debts made the woman make a terrible decision.