Ellen gives $1M to family of 6 living in 2-bedroom apartment and their reaction is priceless

Ellen stunned guests on her show when she presented the family of 6, who live in a 2 bedroom apartment, with a $1 Million cheque. 

Talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres took a page out of Oprah Winfrey's book in a recent episode of her show. She presented one lucky family on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" with the biggest gift she has ever bestowed on her series.

Ellen handed the family of six a cheque for $1 million! Last November, fans Christi Daniels and Robert Daniels, parents of four sons, entered the shows 12 Days of Giveaways campaign.

The family won prizes such as gift cards, a huge widescreen TV and two plane tickets from the campaign. Their work in their community despite their own financial problems led Ellen to invite them onto her show.

She showed the Daniels family being surprised at their apartment in Hawthorne, California. She told them to get ready to go to a mystery location before they were driven to the "Ellen DeGeneres Show" taping.

The family was seated onstage with Ellen. She immediately praised the family for their philanthropy saying:

"No matter what you're struggling with, no matter how you're living paycheck to paycheck, you still want to pay it forward, you still help others," Ellen said.

Ellen commented on how Christi recently paid for a family's item at Walmart. She then went on to surprise the family.

"You're here because we're gonna do something big that we've never done for any family ever," the talk show host said. "It's the biggest thing we've ever done...so, you like Cheerios?"

Ellen informed the family that she has partnered with the makers of Cheerios to give them $500,000. While she spoke a man ran onstage holding a huge cheque.

"That is gonna take care of a lot," Ellen said. "It's gonna take care of your debt, it is gonna take care of college for your kids. You're in a two-bedroom apartment, you can buy a house now."

The host went on to say Cheerios is also giving the family another $500,000. The amount is for the family to pay it forward to others in need.

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