Loni Love reveals why she has no plans for her 1st ever Valentine's Day with boyfriend James Welsh

Loni Love is so happy with how her new relationship is going, that she spilled all the details on "The Real." Although she gushed about her boyfriend James Welsh throughout the segment, she also revealed why the new couple has not made specific plans about their first Valentine's Day together.

Loni Love was in tears as she discussed her relationship with the rest of her co-hosts, especially when Adrienne Bailon asked her to recall the time when the actor asked her to be his girlfriend. The couple, who had been dating for four months at that time, bumped into rap scene couple Saweetie and Quavo during Christmas Eve before he asked her to "be his girl" while they attended mass. 

After that day, they've been going out constantly and it's been a norm for them to head out on dates. That's why now that Valentine's Day is coming up, she revealed that she has no idea what they're going to do. 

"I don't know what I'm going to do this Valentine's. It'll be James and I's first Valentine's together."

Well, they might be puzzled about what to do on Valentine's Day simply because they've already shared so many romantic experiences together in the past few months, even taking a few trips to the Bahamas and going to red carpet events as each other's dates. With things like that all ticked off on their bucket list, it's hard to top off during a one-day social event. 

"You know, I guess maybe because we always date, it's not a big deal. We were talking about it last night. 'Are we supposed to do something?' and he was like 'I don't know.'"

When her co-hosts hinted that he might have a surprise planned out all along, Love is not expecting it. After all, she believes she's one of the people who doesn't need a holiday to show how much she cares. 

“I’ve never been that type of woman like, ‘You’ve got to show me on this day. I’d like for you to show me all of the time. Not just one day.' So we always date, so I don’t think it will be a big deal.”

Love and Welsh have been dating since summer 2018, and after he initially stopped talking to her, they ended up rekindling. When they were finally ready to be a couple, they were already good friends, and this made a good foundation for their relationship. 


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