Loni Love broke down in tears while describing how she and boyfriend James Welsh became exclusive

Loni Love, one of the hosts of “The Real,” revealed during the show with tears in her eyes how her rumored boyfriend, James Welsh, asked her to be his girlfriend.

The announcement happened during the “Girl Chat” segment, when Adrienne Bailon asked Loni, who had been very private with her relationship with James, to tell how he had asked her to be his girlfriend.

Loni said that it all happened on Christmas Eve, four months after they met each other for the first time. After having dinner, they went to church, “and that’s when he turned to me and said: ‘would you be my girl?’ and I was like “aww yeah.’”


Later, Adrienne tried to get more information about her feelings, but Loni got very emotional and couldn’t talk anymore. Adrienne said that the fact that Loni was getting “emo” set clear how significant that moment was for her.

“I think he holds a really special place in your heart, and those are tears of joy!” said Adrienne when Loni cleared her eyes, “that makes me, as your friend, so freaking happy for you, and you deserve that and everything that comes with it.”


As soon as that clip hit the Internet, the hosts’ followers took to the comment section to share their thoughts.

“Made me cry congrats I'm happy for you loni!!!” [sic] wrote one user.

“Let’em flow Loni it’s good to see you so happy not that you weren’t happy before I just think you’re happier than you’ve been in a long time you deserve every bit of happiness and more best of luck in the years ahead,” [sic] admitted a second follower.

“I’m so happy for you... you gave me hope,” pointed out a third person.


It was not the first time that “The Real” hosts questioned Loni about her then-rumored relationship with James, though. In May 2018, Tamera Mowry, Jeannie Mai, and Adrienne (the rest of the hosts) surprised Loni during a segment of the show.

They presented some “proofs” that set clear that Loni was involved in a romantic relationship with a mysterious man. It is important to mention that, at that point, the couple was very private and didn’t share much about them.

Most of the proofs were photos on Loni’s Instagram that showed her holding someone’s hand, riding a motorcycle, and ignoring Adrienne’s questions about the “mysterious” man, who turned out to be James.

After looking at those photos, the comedienne didn’t confirm or deny her relationship. At the moment, Loni is now comfortable enough with James, who is an actor, to the point where she doesn’t mind sharing their love all over social media and even on her show.

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