Tia Mowry steals hearts with photo of growing daughter Cairo, showing how much they look alike

Tia Mowry started the week by melting her fans’ hearts with an adorable pic of her look-alike daughter, Cairo Tiahna. The tot recently turned 9-months, and Tia has given some updates on her milestones.

Tia Mowry can’t stop gushing about her baby girl on social media and fans are entirely on board with her.

The “Sister, Sister” actress’ most recent Instagram pic features her and baby Cairo laying together on the bed after waking up. And they look flawless. Tia’s skin is glowing with no makeup on, while Cairo looks adorable wearing a striped black and white onesie and staring straight at the camera.

“Waking up with this one. Happy Monday. My girl,” Mowry captioned the adorable snap.

Fans filled the comment section gushing about Tia’s natural beauty and about how much Cairo looks like her.

“Aww, I’m soooo in loveeeee. Tia she’s so beautiful your twin god bless u and your family,” wrote one user.

Another added, “This the most I saw her look like u.. she normally looks like her dad.”

And a third one chimed in to say, “You guys are so naturally beautiful. Say no more, a pic speaks a thousand words!!!!”

Last week, Cairo celebrated her 9-months and Tia make sure to commemorate the occasion by sharing an adorable pic of the girl rocking a pink tulle dress with colorful stars, silver ballerina shoes, and a stars headband, as she sat next to a box with some of her stuffed animals and a board with her name on it.

“Just like that we are #9months #cairo You are such a blessing to us! We are sitting up, saying momma, dada, hi, bye, and just putting a smile on all our faces. Ps. Our #curls are coming in! Yay!” Tia captioned the post.

Talking about the differences between Cairo and her brother Cree, 7, Tia revealed that the girl is calmer and more focused than Cree was as a baby. 

“Women are smarter,” Mowry told US Weekly last month, and continued:

“My daughter, she’s just so chill, she’s so easy. You know how they say–they usually say boys are a lot of energy and girls they just literally sit pretty? That is so true. My daughter will just sit. She’s been like the best baby.”

The “Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix” star also added that Cairo has reached her milestones quicker than Cree did, but she also credits her son for that:

“I would say that she’s picked up her milestones a lot quicker, or sooner, than Cree. But maybe it’s because Cree’s around and stimulating her.”

The boy, she says, is “obsessed” with Cairo. He will do everything to make her laugh and make sure she’s okay, and the feeling is mutual.

“When he comes into the room, she’ll just start getting really excited and gets a big smile on her face,” said the proud mom.

For Tia, who went through a lot of struggles to conceive Cairo, the biggest reward for all her past pain is watching her kids create that unique sibling bond and loving each other. “Looking back at my struggles with getting pregnant, when I see them just play and mesh so well together–I’m very grateful,” she concluded.

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