Lisa Marie Presley Is a Proud Mom of Four Beautiful Children - Meet All of Them

Lisa Marie Presley is a popular name known worldwide for her musical talents and for being the sole heir of Elvis Presley. Very few people know of Lisa Marie’s devotion to her four children.

Lisa Marie, born February 1, 1968, is an iconic gem in the music industry. She owes a part of her success the fact that her father, Elvis Presley, was an internationally known legend. Having been married four times to men of great reckoning in the entertainment world, Lisa is a mother of four beautiful children.

Her first marriage was to American musician, Danny Keough, in 1988. The union produced two children: a daughter, Riley Keough, and a son, Benjamin Storm. Sadly, some two years after Benjamin’s birth in 1992, the couple parted ways.

Presley then moved on to marry Michael Jackson in 1994, but it only lasted for two years. Her third marriage was to Hollywood star Nicolas Cage, a union that lasted for about three months!

Her last marriage took place on January 22, 2006, to American guitarist Michael Lockwood. The 10-year union produced twin daughters, Harper Vivienne Ann and Finley Aaron Love.

It may have taken years and lots of heartbreak, but there is no argument that Lisa has risen to become a very established woman both career-wise and as a family woman. Her oldest child, Riley Keough, grew up to pave a path for herself in entertainment as a successful actress and model.

It is no wonder that Presley never shies away from talking about her children. She has even mentioned that they are her reason for “staying alive.”

According to Fabiosa, she had felt hopeless during and after the nasty divorce battle with Lockwood. The failure of her fourth marriage had catapulted her into a dark chasm, one that pushed her into addiction to alcohol and substance abuse.

It was a slightly rough ride, but after lots of rehab sessions, she finally became clean. That was no mean feat, and she has named her children, especially the thought of her little twins being alone, her source of encouragement all through the battle. Her much older kids, Riley and Benjamin, understood her even more and helped her the best they could.

Isn't she lucky!? She sure knows it as she fondly described her kids as “the biggest love of her life" and also went on to explain that she wants them to remember her as a good mother.

We think she is doing a great job already! There is no doubt about it as she spoke of her love and adoration of them. Her many achievements career-wise and philanthropic works are enough reason to deem her a good mama!

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