FLOTUS is under fire for a pink coat that 'costs as much as an average American earns in a year'

Melania Trump is once again getting heat for her fashion choices. This time, the criticism is coming from all angles. 

The First Lady of the United States decided on a light pink houndstooth coat as she and the president stepped out on Wednesday. They would welcome President Duque Márquez and First Lady Maria Juliana Ruiz Sandoval of Columbia.

President Donald Trump wore a simple black suit with a blue tie. Melania's outfit, however, was a Fendi piece that cost over $4,200 AUD. That was the first issue. 

The second was the bathroom feel that many got from the coat. The third was the fact that the mink fur cuffs were not faux fur but real fur. Twitter came at the anti-bullying activist from all sides. 

Pairing her coat with some nude pumps, the first lady joined her husband and their guests to discuss the Venezuelan crisis. Yet social media's attention was the long plaid coat. 

The long-sleeved pink ensemble featured a belt around the waist and a small slit at the back. The two couples posed for pictures before stepping into the White House. 

Several persons on Twitter commented that Meliana looked like she "left the house in her bathrobe." One person specified an expensive "waffle bathrobe." 

Another pointed out that the cost might be "as much as an average American earns in a year." Others were outraged by the first lady wearing real fur.

Some people were in support of the first lady though. They said critics were just jealous or simply complimented the first lady's look

This isn't the first time the first lady has been in hot water for what she wore. Back in December 2018, Melania adorned Timberland boots during a visit to Iraq and received tons of backlash for it. 

Again joined by President Trump, the two entered an active combat zone and shared photos on Twitter. The first lady looked elegant in a button-down, long-sleeve mustard blouse and dark green pants. 

But the internet did not take lightly to the shoe selection, calling Melania "out of touch." They attributed the bizarre effort to previous failures that the first lady also received criticism for. 

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