Funny photos of parents who were furious at seeing pets at home and now can't live without them

Who has not fallen exhausted before the charms of a beautiful animal?

Probably we can not indicate at what time the man began to domesticate the animals, but surely you will meet some person who, although at first refused to adopt a dog or cat, finally yielded and now can't be separated from his pet!

Thanks to the Reddit reports, which has opened a direct window to the hearts of people who have a special creature at home, we have been able to see a series of tender -and funny- images of their owners in a unique moment with their pets. Just take a look:

10. "I will never let this creature in the car, and even more in bed," said the father. And he naively believed his own words.

9. "I do not need a cat, I can not stand it," said the first 5 minutes.

8. "This dog will not take place in my house."

7. "I will not take care of your dog," the father said to his son.

6. Dad hated my cat. But it was enough to leave them alone ...

5. Mom went to the super and returned with this beauty.

4. "I am categorically against this cat," the father said on the first day.

3. "I'm not a person who likes dogs and I never will be."

2. Dad does not like cats, but cats seem to love him.

1. "We're never going to have a dog," mom said.

Do you know anyone who has said any of these phrases? And also, do you know a pet owner who took the snoot challenge?

It isn't known when or how the challenge started, only that it's been around for a while and gained popularity really fast.


If your pet doesn't have beginner's luck, try placing an edible treat "inside the hole" on the palm of your hand. 

Not all pets will master the challenge, and that is fine too. Dogs who show no interest in the challenge should not be forced against their will.

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