Sam Elliott's daughter shares a photo of a beautiful bouquet from her famous father

Hollywood’s veteran star, Sam Elliott, gifted his celebrity daughter an exquisite bouquet of daffodils which she lovingly displayed on her Instagram page.

Cleo Elliott showed appreciation and admiration while gushing over the bright daffodils she got from her dad. In the post she shared, her red hot lipstick which complemented the very pigmented daffodils was capped with her pretty face.

The 34-year-old singer, who was born to celebrity actors, Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross, in 1984, followed in her parent's footsteps as she is fully into entertainment with her path more to the music world. 

Children of celebrities often experience difficulties with handling fame but Cleo has melded into the spotlight and is doing pretty well.

She specializes in classical opera and was tutored years back by the multi-talented celebrity, Charity Chapman. Though Cleo's music focuses on Italian opera, her first single which was titled “No More Lies” was based on a different music genre.

Asides music, the star has engaged her great body in modeling and she has had a few acting roles. As regards her romantic life, not much is known.

Cleo's public show of affection for her father isn't new as she is fond of singing his praises every now and then. Her social media account is littered with pictures of him and there isn't a single one without nice words to go with it.

Though there have been rumors that Cleo has a strained relationship with her mother, Katharine, there seems to be no indication of that anymore. The music star regularly shares pictures of her mom as well, and doesn't hide her love and admiration for her in the captions.

Less than three weeks ago, she posted a photo with the caption "My best friend, my rock. Love you Mom."

It is without a doubt that the Elliotts are one happy family. We hope the love that exists between them continues to wax stronger.

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