Young mom with mental illness and her 3 daughters were found dead in their Michigan home

Oyin Balogun
Feb 20, 2019
10:22 A.M.
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Tragic! Mum and her three kids found dead at their home in rural northern Kent County on Monday afternoon in what seems to be a murder-suicide case.

The four victims were identified by their family as two-year-old Alaina Rau, six-year-old Cassidy Rodery, eight-year-old Kyrie Rodery, and their mother, 28-year-old Aubrianne Moore.


One of the deceased family members, Alyssa Rau, cousin to two-year-old Alaina Rau, said in a statement: 

"They were awesome kids, absolutely great. The oldest excelled in reading like no other. The youngest one, she was just so joyful and so happy all the time. And then the middle child, she was just rambunctious and wild and always put a smile on everybody's face."

The police department is yet to confirm the victims' identities and have left the public with little to no information about the mysterious death. 


Sheriff Michelle LaJoye-Young spoke to reporters at the crime scene about the location of the bodies and law enforcement's suspicions that the victims were moved from the original crime scene.

The real site is yet to be discovered by the sheriff's department. 

"Very sad. Very, very sad, it's been very difficult for our investigators and I'm sure it is for the community as well," LaJoye-Young said.

The authorities also asked the community to stay calm, stating they do not believe there is a killer on the loose, although they asked if anyone with concrete information could call the department as soon as possible.


WoodTV were able to get some information from the family of the deceased. From their reports, Moore shot her children and then killed herself.

According to those that spoke with the news agency, Moore was mentally ill and had been in a mental institution last year. They all wished more had been done to help her prevent this tragic occurrence.


There have been some violent cases in the past year, and a notable one is that of Chris Watts who killed his whole family in August. 

Watts murdered his pregnant wife, Shanann and their two daughters, 4-year-old Bella and 3-year-old Celeste in cold blood.

The young man who got three consecutive life sentences in November callously slew his family so he could have a new one with his now ex-girlfriend, Nichol Kessinger.