Teen fell into a coma and woke up four days later after giving birth to a surprise baby

Junie Sihlangu
Feb 20, 2019
10:51 A.M.

Last December a teenage girl from Oldham, Manchester was taken to a hospital after suffering a series of seizures. The student ended up being put into a coma.


However, when she woke up four days later she found out that she’d become a mother.

While sports physiotherapy student, Ebony Stevenson, 18, was in a medically-induced coma medics found out that she was expecting. Her unborn baby had grown in one of two wombs.

This is a rare condition called uterus didelphys where women who are affected are born with two uteruses. When Stevenson woke up from her coma four days later on December 6, she discovered that she had given birth to a 7lbs 10oz baby girl at 1:32 a.m.


The teenager didn’t know she was pregnant all along because she never developed a baby bump. She also skipped the morning sickness and she never missed her period.

Stevenson named her daughter Elodie, and explained that the whole experience had been "overwhelming to say the least.” She added, "Meeting my baby was so surreal. It felt like an out-of-body experience.”

The new mother continued:

"I worried I wouldn't bond with my daughter because I had no time to get my head around her arrival, but I think she's amazing. It's an absolute miracle. I wouldn't change Elodie for the world."


Her mother, Sheree, 39, recalled calling 999 after Stevenson had gone to bed with a headache but started becoming sick and having seizures on the bathroom floor. The doctors found out that the seizures had been caused by preeclampsia.

They then revealed to Sheree that her daughter was pregnant and notified her that the baby needed to be delivered. Elodie was born through an emergency Caesarean which took just over three hours after her mother’s first seizure.


Speaking about the moment, Sheree said:

"Despite me insisting she couldn't be pregnant, the paramedics were certain she was and, to my shock, a bump had appeared at her stomach."

When Stevenson woke up, her daughter was placed on her chest. She said, "It sounds awful now, but I asked them to take her away as I was so confused and sure they'd made a mistake.”


The teenager continued:

"But my mum explained it all to me while the nurses were there and they gave my little girl back to me to hold properly for the first time. Although I was so confused - and pretty scared - it was a beautiful moment and she was so quiet."

Elodie’s weight revealed to doctors that her mother had carried her to full-term. Stevenson intends on going back to school at Hopwood College, Middleton, this month.


In a similar surprise birth, a mother-of-four Charlene Fullerton, 32, from Falkirk, Stirlingshire, was on the Pill when she suddenly gave birth to a baby girl. She had no idea she was pregnant all along because she was still getting her period and had what she called a “mum tum.”

After believing her appendix had burst she rushed to the bathroom in pain, before giving birth to baby daughter Janey moments later. Her partner, Steven Fraser, 34, was the one who assisted her by calling a 999 operator for help.

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