Joke: Woman Experienced the Most Awkward Gynecologist Visit Ever That Made Her Blush

Jaimie-lee Prince
Feb 20, 2019
04:11 P.M.
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Going to the gynecologist is an uncomfortable experience for many women, though it shouldn't be. One woman unknowingly took extra steps to ensure she was decent for her gynecologist.


A woman had an appointment at the gynecologist one day. It was meant to be in the afternoon, but she received a call in the morning saying her time had been pushed up to 9:30 am. 

The woman had only just finished sending her kids off to school and it was already 8:45 am. It would take her 35 minutes to reach the gynecologist's office. 

In the small window of time, she ran upstairs, grabbed a wet washcloth, and quickly washed her private part. At the very least, she wanted to be presentable. 

Doctor holding stethoscope | Photo: Shutterstock


She got dressed in a rush and went off to the office. After a few minutes in the waiting room, she was called inside. Already a regular, she knew what to do. 

The woman got up on the table and tried to get her mind off where she was. When the doctor began the procedure, however, he said something she didn't quite understand. 

He told her: 

"My, we've certainly made the extra effort today, haven't we?" 

The woman was a bit taken aback but said nothing. After everything was done, she sighed in relief and went to do some errands. Everything was normal as she went about shopping, cooking, and cleaning. 


Doctors and nurses at hospital | Photo: Shutterstock

Then her kids returned from school. Her six-year-old daughter was playing and then went into the bathroom. 


From there she called: 

"Mommy, where's my washcloth?" 

The woman told her daughter she should just take a fresh one from the cupboard. But the little girl was adamant. 

She said: 

"No, I need THAT one that was hanging over the sink. All my glitter and sparkles were in it!" 

Right then, the woman decided she would have to find a new doctor right away. 

Woman with her hand over her mouth | Photo: Shutterstock


Another doctor joke involved a husband and wife who felt they were having communication problems. 

They went to a counselor to get help. The man told the doctor, "I think my wife is going deaf." So, the doctor tried out something to determine what was wrong. 

He had the man ask his wife a question some distance away. He would get closer and closer until she responded.

The wife kept asking his wife: 

"Sweetie, what's for dinner?" 

Elderly man and woman in garden | Photo: Shutterstock

The husband had to move closer until he stood right in front of the wife. Finally, he heard her say: 

"For the 20th time, I said we are having chicken for dinner!"