Brandy's teen daughter shows off her talent, proving she can sing just like her mom in new video

Singing beautifully definitely runs in the Norwood genes, as it turns out Brandy's daughter, Sy'rai Iman Smith, also sings very well. In a recent post she shared on Instagram, the teenager sounds just like her mother, and their fans can't believe it. 

The proud mother shared a clip of Sy'rai singing "Impossible" by Shontelle, where she hit all the right notes while exerting her strong vocals and control that her mom is known for. In the video, only half of her daughter's face is seen, but it's clear that it really is singing, especially since she captioned it with "C A P @syraismith #SyraisMomma."

Fans made sure to praise the young girl for her beautiful vocals, proving that she is a star in the making and is bound to be a successful singer just like her mom. 

"@ameva_baybee: YOU BETTA SANGG ‼️ Omg She Sounds Just Like You @4everbrandy"

"@auseanw: Awww she sounds like you"

"@huggz78: Love that song. She killed it"

"@stonedmermaidluv: When she started i though it was you. Wow brandy God gave her that gift. Ughh"


Brandy and her 16-year-old Sy'rai are extremely close and are very vocal about their love for one another on social media. Recently, as Brandy turned 40-years-old, her lovely daughter made sure to give her mom a shout out on Instagram.


The up-and-coming singer shared a photo of her and her mom cuddling up to one another while doing wacky faces, which proves the fun and loving relationship they both have. 

"Happy birthday mom. I love you."

Norwood welcomed her daughter to the world in June 2002, and the two of them have had a strong mother-and-daughter bond ever since. In fact, Brandy is the first to share about Sy'rai's talents online, clearly proud of what her daughter can do. 

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