State trooper pulls gun on unarmed Black man during traffic stop & orders him to get out of car

Aby Rivas
Feb 21, 2019
11:38 P.M.
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A shocking video that shows how a Delaware Police trooper pulled out a gun on an unarmed black man has gone viral on social media, and people want answers.


The incident, recorded by Mack Buckley, took place on February 14 at Pine Haven Road in Lincoln, Delaware. According to Buckley’s version, he was pulled over for speeding.


He initially asked the trooper if he could record, but the man said no. Two minutes into their exchange, the trooper got a dispatch call and walked away, giving Buckley enough time to open his cellphone camera and start the video.

After the officer returned, he demanded Buckley to get out of the car, but he refused. “No, no, no. You cannot, you cannot pull me out of this...” Buckley tells the officer just seconds before he opened the car door and pulled out his weapon.

Buckley started recording while the officer was away. | Source: Facebook/maceekings1


The officer is heard saying “I’m not [expletive] with you” as a nervous and frantic Buckley keeps repeating “Why are you pulling the gun on me?” over and over. The phone then falls to the seat as Buckley pulls his hands on the air and steps out of the car.

Buckley was then arrested and taken to the police station, where he was charged for resisting arrest, driving at an unreasonable speed, and driving without insurance identification and registration.

The officer asked Buckley to get out of the car, and procedeed to open the door. | Source: Facebook/maceekings1


However, the man recounted on a Facebook post, where his video has earned over 48k views and 1,500 shares, that on their way to the commissary, the trooper, identified as A Corporal O'Neil, had made some racist comments.

Buckley wrote:

“He kept referring to YOU PEOPLE. I asked him who was YOU PEOPLE since there was only him and I in the vehicle. Then he proceeded to say I was a worthless piece of [expletive]. He then said you probably didn't funish [sic] high school. […] I asked him again who YOU PEOPLE were... and he said society. I said what society? It's just you and me in the vehicle. Then he proceeds to tell me... oh.. go ahead and play the race card to which I replied... I never said anything about race.”


The officer then pulled out the gun on Buckley. | Source: Facebook/maceekings1

Buckley also stated he thought at some point he was going to be shot by the officer. “There were a few moments where I was just waiting for the pops,” he




“You all can't see it on the video, but when he yelled ‘stop reaching for [expletive]’... he actually put the gun to my body. Under my left arm on the side of my chest. It looked like a heart shot. So much happened in my head at that moment so fast, but it was like slow motion.”


Sergeant Richard Bratz, a spokesperson for the police department, told NBC News: “The Delaware State Police initiated an internal investigation as soon as we became aware of the incident as per divisional policy.”

Buckley has now stated on Facebook that he can’t give more details about the incident per instructions of his lawyer but indicated he would address the media soon.


This is just the latest incident that shows a police officer abusing of their power and violating civilians' rights.

Last week, a video surfaced of two Delaware officers repeatedly punching a 16-year-old in the head.

According to the boy's family, he was detained for a noise complaint made by a neighbor. But the New Castle police captain said he was a suspected drug dealer.

The now viral video of the arrest shows an officer hitting the 16-year-old boy in the head around half a dozen times. The teenager can be seen struggling on the ground. “Stop resisting,” police officers can be heard yelling at the boy numerous times on the video.


According to Captain Michel Eckerd, a neighbor filed a complaint about a drug-dealing business on E. Bellamy Drive, and gave a detailed description of the alleged seller. "Arriving officers located the suspect on a dirt bike in front of his residence and immediately smelled the odor of marijuana," he added.

After searching the teenager, they found numerous bags of marijuana, a digital scale, prescription pills and over $1,000. The boy was taken to New Castle County Detention Center and is facing charges for resisting arrest, offensive touching of a law enforcement officer, possession of a controlled substance and more.


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