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Daily Joke: A Woman Found Out That Her Husband Was Cheating on Her

Jaimie-lee Prince
Aug 31, 2021
03:31 A.M.
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After years of marriage, a man decided to cheat on his wife, thinking that she wouldn't find out. Here's what happened when she did.


A married man decided to have an extramarital affair despite the consequences, knowing that he had a faithful wife at home. He tried to keep his secret for over a month, but eventually, his wife found out.

The husband didn't know that his wife had even the slightest clue. So one day, he came home to a happy wife greeting him by their front door.

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The wife had always been a happy woman, so it was nothing new that she was in a great mood. She asked him: 

"Would you like to see a crumpled-up $50 note?" 

A bit confused, the man agreed and told his wife, "Sure... ok." His wife then pulled out the note from her pocket and handed it over to him.

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Again, she asked, "Would you like to see a crumpled-up $100 note?" Although suspicious, the man again accepted, this time with more certainty. "Sure!" he said.

Again his wife gave him the money with a sly look on her face. Finally, the woman asked the man, "Would you like to see a crumpled-up $50,000?"

Perplexed at this last question, the man's face turned into a frown. Suddenly, his face turned pale as he was shocked by the wife's reply. She said:

"Go look in the garage."

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A different couple married for 18 years also thought that their relationship was going well, until one day, the man dropped a mean joke.

The couple did not talk to each other until the following day.

While at a birthday party for their mutual friend, where everyone was drinking and dancing, a man on the dance floor was doing all kinds of exhibitions, from backflips to moon dances.

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Watching everyone have a good time from their table, the wife turned to her husband, smiled, and whispered:

"See that guy? Twenty years ago, he proposed to me and I turned him down."

The husband looked at the guy, let out a soft chuckle, and told his wife, "looks like he's still celebrating." The couple did not talk to each other until the following day.

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