T.I.’S Daughter Deyjah Slams Critic over Creepy Comment on Her Photo and Wins Applause from Fans

Aby Rivas
Feb 26, 2019
02:10 P.M.
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Deyjah Harris is not afraid to step up for her family or herself, just like she did on her comment section a few days ago. The gorgeous teenager put one of her followers in place after the man suggested it was girls like Deyjah’s fault that pedophiles are running loose.


T.I must be one proud father after reading what his 17-year-old daughter told one of her followers after he disrespected her and other minors with his out of place comment.

Deyjah took to Instagram to share a series of pics wearing jeans and a gray crop top that put her toned stomach and slim waist on display. She looked gorgeous with her straightened hair tied in a half ponytail and enhanced her features with makeup and fake lashes. The teen completed the look with a gold watch and other accessories.


“I wasn’t gonna post these but ..” Harris captioned the post.


As usual, her followers filled the comment section, some with praises for her look, others lamenting how fast she’s growing up, and one to leave a worrisome comment that Deyjah didn’t take lightly.

The male follower commented: “Females like this is why n****s go to jail. We gotta make a law where chicks can’t use makeup til they 18. I’m tired of this s**t.”


The man’s comment seems to invoke the old-fashioned belief that a woman’s appearance, clothing or makeup is to blame if an older male, knowing that she’s underage, decides to approach her, or worst, just because he can’t control his impulses.

Deyjah, apparently angered by the comment, clapped back to the commenter writing:

“N****s go to jail because they’re pigs and aren’t right in the head, not because someone is wearing makeup. You think I’m not supposed to wear make because of n****s and their perverted mind? I don’t live for y’all nor do I wear makeup for y’all. This comment is quite imbecile and shows a lot about you and your way of thinking. We gotta make a law where irrelevant a** men just leave women alone, mind their business and more importantly stay in their place.”


“Have a blessed and highly favored day,” she wrote at the end of her rant, proving that despite slamming the commentator, she’s still educated, just like her father.

Many people praised Deyjah for standing up and defending herself. They praised her for being such a smart young lady. One user wrote:

“@princess_of_da_south as a mother, I am soooo proud of you!!! U look like the 17yr old young lady you're supposed to look like!!! U r not responsible for these R. Kelly mfers that get thrills off of young ladies. U feel this way about a 17 yr old, u feel the same about a 7yr old, seek help.”


And another added:

"Beautiful picture young lady. You did well putting the man that made the rude comment in his place. It doesn't matter if show anything or covered head to toe, there are some sick people out there regardless. Keep taking your pictures and be you."



This is not the first time Harris shows her fierce side on social media or real life. Just a few weeks ago, Deyjah showed she was ready to step up against a grown man after he accused her little brother King of something he didn’t do.

It was all part of a prank pulled by Instagram star Funny Marco. The joke involved Marco accusing random customers of doing something wrong.


“What you did was rude and disrespectful,” Marco said to King.

“What?” the confused teenager asked as his sister noticed the situation. Deyjah had been checking out some items on a bottom shelve, but immediately stood up with a defiant stance to face Marco.

She asked the comedian: “What you talking ‘bout bro? What did he do?”

When Marco only repeated that King was rude and disrespectful, Deyjah asked in a stern tone:

“But what did he do, is the question.”

There’s no doubt Deyjah has a fiery side, and she’s ready to bring it out whenever the situation demands it. She’s a real Harris at heart.