Morris Chestnut’s Stunning Daughter Is All Grown up and Is Making Her Debut in the Modeling World

Morris Chestnut’s daughter is breaking into the modeling world with a beautiful face courtesy of her father. Her latest photo reveals her uncanny resemblance to the actor. 

Paige Chestnut just released a photo of her 20-year-old self, ready to face the world of modeling. The youngest child of Morris Chestnut and his wife, Pam Byse Chestnut, Paige’s features are striking, resembling that of her father’s. Just check out this photo she recently shared on Instagram to appreciate her beauty.

Paige reportedly landed a top modeling contract after honing her skills the past six months. She has walked the runways including LA Fashion Week’s where she wore clothes of Michael NGO and Marisa P. Clark.  She also appeared on commercials and print ads, making for an interesting resume. 

Not much has been reported regarding her new modeling contract but an online search would reveal she’s part of Red Model Management’s website which features her portfolio. No doubt, she’s destined to make waves with her pronounced facial features and slim figure to boast.

The last time news of Paige surfaced on the internet was in 2016 when her father gushed about her during her prom. Morris shared a photo on Facebook celebrating the milestone moment. “Daddy-daughter time,” he wrote.

Last year, the proud father shared a photo of Paige as she modeled a yellow polka-dot dress. He captioned the pic, “Babygirl.” Morris probably realized at that moment that his daughter was far from being a baby but in his eyes, she’ll always be. 

Morris and his wife have been married since 1995 and also share an older son, Grant Harris. Like his sister, Grant’s features also resonate his father’s. 

In an interview featured by BCK Online, Morris took pride in the fact that his children are taught to be smart and good people. He also reminds his son to “never hit a woman.” His advice couldn't be more sound especially in this age where the #MeToo movement rings loud. 

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